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The Yacht Designer and SV SKY's Captain

Meet Johannes "Jopie" Helsen, a resilient captain and throat cancer survivor, born in Leiden, the Netherlands, and raised in Warmond, on the Kaag Lakes. With a rich legacy as a 2nd generation boat builder and accomplished yacht designer, Jopie boasts an impressive 55-year tenure in the marine industry. As the creative force behind the renowned Helsen and Montego line of sailboats and various custom vessels, he has left an indelible mark on ocean sailboats. With a remarkable 2003 boats bearing his designs, Jopie is not only a survivor but a pioneer in the field. Explore his journey and contributions at the Sailor's Wharf Yacht Yard, a venture he has proudly owned since 1978, where the art of boat building and yacht design comes to life.

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Whale Heading to Tonga 2 Jopie Marquesas