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A Cancer Fundraiser That Is Out Of This World

SV SKY is sailing the second half of the World ARC 2020 starting in Darwin, Australia in the beginning of September and will continue its effort to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. The fleet is composed of mono hulls and catamarans from varies countries around the world. The itinerary includes going to Lombok, Indonesia, the Cocos (Keeling), Mauritius, Reunion, Richards Bay, Cape Town (South Africa), Namibia, St Helena, Salvador (Brazil), Cruising to Saint Lucia…. You can check out the full itinerary here and decide which leg(s) you would like to crew.

Chris doing SSB  Heading to Tonga Leaving Swarrow Chris Getting Dinner Ready


About SV SKY's Admiral & Captain

Heidi Trilsch, known as the admiral on SKY sailed from St Petersburg, Florida to St Lucia for the World ARC 2019. At the end of sailing Galapagos, she left for health reasons. Heidi ironically is now fighting a battle with lung cancer. She is being treated at Dana-Farber Cancer Center and her cancer has been reduced by 45% and she is playing tennis 6 days per week to keep up her strength and commitment to staying as active as she can so she can get back on SKY and continue sailing. Heidi Trilsch grew up sailing and has years of cruising experience along the East US coast, Bahamas and Caribbean, her stepmother is a lymphoma survivor.

Johannes "Jopie" (pronounced yopie) Helsen, is the captain, is a throat cancer survivor. He was born in the Netherlands and grew up in Warmond, on the Kaag lakes. He is a 2nd generation boat builder, yacht designer and has been in the marine industry for 55 years. Both have been involved in charities and have decided to combine their interests into a high-seas adventure that will act as a cancer fundraiser. Their hope is that thousands will follow SV SKY on Facebook, their website and donate on their website to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Heidi Jopie
Whale Heading to Tonga 2 Jopie Marquesas